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Update to my For Sale page…

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As mentioned before, I haven’t shot a real USPSA match in about 14 years, so I’m ready to sell off all my gear. I’m starting with my two STI Open Division pistols and parts and accessories for them. Next will be all my reloading equipment, general accessories like holster, tools, etc. I have a detailed list posted here:


Please email if you are interested in any of it, or want more info. Use the Contact page and I’ll get back to you promptly.

The website domain name and content are available as well. I’ve moved on to other hobbies.

Domain name and site for sale

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I’ve shot two matches in the last 12 years and neither were much fun. The domain name is coming up for renewal soon, and I’m thinking of letting it expire because donations don’t even cover the cost of the domain name, much less the hosting.

If any of you are interested taking the name, I would be willing to sell it for a reasonable figure — or you could take your chances and wait till it’s available again. The sale would include the domain name and copyright to the entire contents of the website, including StageBuilder and the various PDF forms. Make an offer.

I still have most of my shooting equipment which I would like to sell. Reloading equipment, components, tools, gear, and guns. Not sure about the legality of selling guns and certain components, but things like my Dillon 550B reloader, reloading components, and various 1911 parts should be fine. I have a comprehensive list (minus the guns) on a page here: Contact me directly about my Open Division pistols.

Little update

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Hi, I did a little site maintenance deleting the old, monstrous version of StageBuilder and adding an ICORE target to new v6 StageBuilder. Also fixed the platerack graphic.

StageBuilder update and new features

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Here’s a update on progress on the new StageBuilder page. If you haven’t seen the page, it’s here:

Main differences from the old (like 1999 old):

  • Instructions are on the same page under the Instructions button
  • Targets and props are “cloneable” so you can place unlimited objects on the stage
  • Prop shack slides off screen providing more space to build your stage (click the props button, upper right)
  • It’s easiest to build your stage back-to-front, but if you decide to add an item “behind” things on the stage you can. Just click an item to bring it forward.
  • You can delete an item from the stage by double-clicking it!
  • Mostly new graphics in SVG format so they will scale perfectly for printing. No more pixelated graphics.
  • New car!

Still have to replace some of the graphics. There won’t be any animated .gifs as these cause issues when printing and they don’t scale nicely like SVG. All the targets and props are in proportion to each other, but by necessity the “stage” is compressed. A 50m deep bay would require over 3000 pixels of vertical resolution. The main purpose of a stage diagram is to show the relationship of the targets and props to each other, not to reproduce proportions exactly, so I think this is OK; better than having really tiny targets.

The page works best at full HD monitor resolution of 1920 x 1080. All the procedure column and props should show. You can always zoom out your browser window if necessary (Ctrl & – for Firefox, dunno about any other browser…). This will also smallen your stage though, so to address this, I’ve created a media query that will shrink the targets for lower resolution monitors. You are expected to use a modern web browser. They are free and the page might not work on an older browser. I recommend Firefox for all platforms. Printing should be easier because the props and buttons won’t print.

Give it a try and let me know if you have issues or if there are features you’d like added. I’m already thinking a Texas star might be nice and maybe some partitions with windows.

New StageBuilder in the works

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I’m working on a new version StageBuilder stage diagram utility. It’s a work in progress, but you might find it’s good enough to use now. It’s linked at the top of the StageBuilder page as “version 6”. I’m using ideas from Daniele Biggiogero’s version here:

Main improvement is clone-able targets and props so you can have an unlimited number of targets (or cars!) on your stage. Instructions are on the same page now, and printing should be easier as well.

Still trying to figure out how to bring an object forward or send it back after it’s moved to the “stage”, so if anyone can help me code that I would appreciate it. As it stands, newer objects stack on top of older ones, so for now you will need to build your stage back-to-front. If you want a new object behind an old one, you’ll need to delete the old objects and re-rezz. You can delete an object from the “stage”: by toggling the “dumpster” and dragging the item into it.

I’m still working on it and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Maintenance Complete!

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Some years ago I moved to BlueHost webhosting because my previous host, iPower, had sold to a company called Endurance International Group. EGI is in the business of buying small successful web hosting companies, then “improving” them (all the while keeping the original company’s name and obfuscating their own), usually by overhauling the look and feel of the site and by outsourcing or otherwise cutting back on support. That’s just my personal observation, so don’t sue me, but I can’t tell you how many times I was locked out of iPower and how many hours I spent on the phone getting it straightened out.

I was very happy with BlueHost for years till they too sold to EIG. In the meantime, Endurance went public (EIDI on the NASDAQ) and you know what that means: maximum profits for the shareholders! Domain name registration cost went up, hosting cost went up, Live Chat and phone support was a long wait, and on and on.

When several of my domain names came up for renewal, I shopped around for another domain name register and happened upon Definitely cheaper and very quick response from Live Chat (even if the techs were in Ukraine) and they offered a Black Friday deal on hosting, so I gave them a test whirl. Now I have all my personal sites and client sites on hosting.

If you find any glitches with the site, please let me know, I very well may have missed something.

Subscribing requirements

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Hi, as I’ve mentioned before, if you want to subscribe you need to put a little something in the Bio field so I know you aren’t just a spammer.

If you are interested in contributing to the blog with your thoughts or match results, contact me. We can give your club it’s own page and you can use this site to upload your match results.

If you’re like me, you want to see results posted ASAP after the match, and if you have access to the file, it’s a simple matter to upload it.

New User Registration

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Some time ago we added a captcha to prevent spam posts, now we are getting spam user registrations. I’m guessing that real people are registering, but that they have no interest in the content of the site. Any future new Subscribers will be deleted unless the include a name and some comment (eg biographical info) to indicate they are for real. Sorry if I deleted any legit users, just sign up again. Thanks!

Authors Invited

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If anyone wants to post regularly, let me know and I’ll add you to the Authors group. Use the Contact form linked at the bottom of each page.