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StageBuilder update and new features

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Here’s a update on progress on the new StageBuilder page. If you haven’t seen the page, it’s here:

Main differences from the old (like 1999 old):

  • Instructions are on the same page under the Instructions button
  • Targets and props are “cloneable” so you can place unlimited objects on the stage
  • Prop shack slides off screen providing more space to build your stage (click the props button, upper right)
  • It’s easiest to build your stage back-to-front, but if you decide to add an item “behind” things on the stage you can. Just click an item to bring it forward.
  • You can delete an item from the stage by double-clicking it!
  • Mostly new graphics in SVG format so they will scale perfectly for printing. No more pixelated graphics.
  • New car!

Still have to replace some of the graphics. There won’t be any animated .gifs as these cause issues when printing and they don’t scale nicely like SVG. All the targets and props are in proportion to each other, but by necessity the “stage” is compressed. A 50m deep bay would require over 3000 pixels of vertical resolution. The main purpose of a stage diagram is to show the relationship of the targets and props to each other, not to reproduce proportions exactly, so I think this is OK; better than having really tiny targets.

The page works best at full HD monitor resolution of 1920 x 1080. All the procedure column and props should show. You can always zoom out your browser window if necessary (Ctrl & – for Firefox, dunno about any other browser…). This will also smallen your stage though, so to address this, I’ve created a media query that will shrink the targets for lower resolution monitors. You are expected to use a modern web browser. They are free and the page might not work on an older browser. I recommend Firefox for all platforms. Printing should be easier because the props and buttons won’t print.

Give it a try and let me know if you have issues or if there are features you’d like added. I’m already thinking a Texas star might be nice and maybe some partitions with windows.

New StageBuilder in the works

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I’m working on a new version StageBuilder stage diagram utility. It’s a work in progress, but you might find it’s good enough to use now. It’s linked at the top of the StageBuilder page as “version 6”. I’m using ideas from Daniele Biggiogero’s version here:

Main improvement is clone-able targets and props so you can have an unlimited number of targets (or cars!) on your stage. Instructions are on the same page now, and printing should be easier as well.

Still trying to figure out how to bring an object forward or send it back after it’s moved to the “stage”, so if anyone can help me code that I would appreciate it. As it stands, newer objects stack on top of older ones, so for now you will need to build your stage back-to-front. If you want a new object behind an old one, you’ll need to delete the old objects and re-rezz. You can delete an object from the “stage”: by toggling the “dumpster” and dragging the item into it.

I’m still working on it and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Updated StageBuilder

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Thanks to a heads-up from “Chuck” alerting me to how the latest Firefox broke the StageBuilder gadget, I’ve updated the page with an all-new version which runs on JQuery. Give it a try and let me know if you find any booboos.

The Instructions page has a few updates including a link to download the StageBuilder files in .zip format in case you want to use it offline.