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Maintenance Complete!

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Some years ago I moved to BlueHost webhosting because my previous host, iPower, had sold to a company called Endurance International Group. EGI is in the business of buying small successful web hosting companies, then “improving” them (all the while keeping the original company’s name and obfuscating their own), usually by overhauling the look and feel of the site and by outsourcing or otherwise cutting back on support. That’s just my personal observation, so don’t sue me, but I can’t tell you how many times I was locked out of iPower and how many hours I spent on the phone getting it straightened out.

I was very happy with BlueHost for years till they too sold to EIG. In the meantime, Endurance went public (EIDI on the NASDAQ) and you know what that means: maximum profits for the shareholders! Domain name registration cost went up, hosting cost went up, Live Chat and phone support was a long wait, and on and on.

When several of my domain names came up for renewal, I shopped around for another domain name register and happened upon Definitely cheaper and very quick response from Live Chat (even if the techs were in Ukraine) and they offered a Black Friday deal on hosting, so I gave them a test whirl. Now I have all my personal sites and client sites on hosting.

If you find any glitches with the site, please let me know, I very well may have missed something.