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I’ve shot two matches in the last 12 years and neither were much fun. The domain name is coming up for renewal soon, and I’m thinking of letting it expire because donations don’t even cover the cost of the domain name, much less the hosting.

If any of you are interested taking the name, I would be willing to sell it for a reasonable figure — or you could take your chances and wait till it’s available again. The sale would include the domain name and copyright to the entire contents of the website, including StageBuilder and the various PDF forms. Make an offer.

I still have most of my shooting equipment which I would like to sell. Reloading equipment, components, tools, gear, and guns. Not sure about the legality of selling guns and certain components, but things like my Dillon 550B reloader, reloading components, and various 1911 parts should be fine. I have a comprehensive list (minus the guns) on a page here: Contact me directly about my Open Division pistols.

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