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What’s new:

Removed the old, monstrous original StageBuilder which is now replaced with the more efficient JQuery StageBuilder.

At request of Mark C, added an ICORE target. Also made a new SVG platerack to replace the ugly asymmetrical graphic.

Reworked the Stage description form to provide more space for the Procedure by eliminating different fields for USPSA/IDPA/IPSC paper targets, and squashing things in general. Thanks to Kay M. for the suggestion.

What it is:

StageBuilder is an interactive JQuery webpage. It is intended to be a quick and easy way to rough out and print stage designs for practical pistol matches.

Saving your design:

You can save your design by printing on paper or to a PDF file, or you can do a screen capture and save as an image. See the Instructions for more on saving and sharing your design.


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