Generic Score Sheet

Our score sheet was developed over a period of two years at the Southwest Pistol League. It has several advantages over custom-made score sheets such as those generated by EZWinScore:

  • Half-page format: cheaper to print, easier to handle
  • Can be stockpiled saving time for over-worked match staff
  • Works for any USPSA-legal stage (and some not-so-legal stages)

The file is available for download as a 208 KB PDF below. Save the file to your hard drive ("…Save Target As" in I.E. or "…Save Link As" in Firefox) and either print a master to photocopy, or use your desktop printer. If you would like to see a screen resolution version first, click [here].

The file should fit letter size paper if you set your printer to minimize borders. Don’t set your printer to "shrink to fit" or similar settings.

We hope you enjoy our Generic ScoreSheet. It’s free, but if you like it and use it, consider a Paypal donation of any amount. Thanks!

[download Generic ScoreSheet]