Stage# Rounds

Paper Steel


Stage Setup Notes:

System Requirements:

A computer and a web browser.

Design your stage:

Click the PROPS » button to show the props panel. Drag clones of targets and props onto the "stage" working from back-to-front. Click an object to bring it forward, double-click an object to remove it. Refresh the page (F5) to start over.

Saving & Printing:

When you're finished placing your targets and props, fill in the Stage Procedure form. You can print the page on paper with your desktop printer, perform a screen capture, use the Windows Snipping Tool, or print to a PDF using a virtual PDF printer software such as the free CutePDF Writer.

StageBuilder Offline:

StageBuilder is just a webpage, so you can save it and use it offline. Use a thumbdrive or make a folder somewhere to store the files, then open the StageBuilder page online. Starting with an EMPTY stage , from the browser main menu select File > Save As... (or Ctrl-S) and pick "Web Page, complete" from the "Save as type" drop down list and save to the folder you made. There will be an HTML file and a folder of images and scripts. Double-click the stagebuilder.html file to open it with your default web browser.

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